Kulturnatten a success and playground is done!

On Saturday I had my photo exhibit with photos from this summer. It was a success! Lots of people came to see and we even raised a bit of money for the kids’ schooling.                   Pauline and I had a little reunion    Got some good news from the township today! The playground is painted! And looks great!      And the kids … Continue reading Kulturnatten a success and playground is done!

Playground Update

I got an update from the girls today and work on the playground is moving along! They found some guys to help paint the playground with primer, all they wanted in return for their hard work was a loaf of bread and a piece of meat. Perspective.               Even Emanuel helped out    Apparently the kids are EATING the bamboo flooring on the … Continue reading Playground Update

Where did all your money go?

I’ve been home now for almost a month. It’s hard to believe, it feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday all at the same time. When Pauline and I decided to go back this summer we had a plan to try to make a more lasting difference in the township. Thanks to all you wonderfully generous people we were able to raise a considerable amount … Continue reading Where did all your money go?


So apparently Kim Kardashian has an entire book of selfies so I figured if she could do it, so could I. Well not a whole book, but a whole blog post. Enjoy!                                Me & Elisa                                               Beach selfie                                      Writing my book … Continue reading Selfies!

Kulturnatten i Uppsala 2015

Saturday September 12th is Kulturnatten (Culture Night) here in Uppsala! This year I will be exhibiting photos from my trip at Bergströms Skor located on östra Ågatan 29. The exhibit will be open during normal opening hours, 10-16. I’ll be available all day to answer questions and show my work.    More info about Kulturnatten and my exhibit can be found at: http://kulturnattenuppsala.se/evenemang/children-of-the-township-revisited/ The exhibit is free … Continue reading Kulturnatten i Uppsala 2015

Update from the township!

Like I promised Agnes, construction didn’t stop once I left. In fact, the new building is pretty much done. New roof. New outer walls that will hopefully stop the rain from coming in.  I got this update yesterday from Hanna & Alicia who are still there through September to make sure all the final touches are taken care of. The new, new building.          … Continue reading Update from the township!

The township through the eyes of children

The kids LOVE taking photos and looking at those photos. I remembered this from last year so this year I brought with me an old point and shoot that I never use any more since the lighting can be weird at times plus the camera on my phone takes better pictures. The orphans loved using this camera and often fought over it. I had to … Continue reading The township through the eyes of children

Not quite time for goodbyes yet!

When I arrived at the township today, I got this from Kayleigh. She played school in the morning and made me this letter.   Then the kids asked to play Operation again since they had so much fun with it yesterday. We played until the batteries started dying.         Then we took out some paper and crayones and markers, also from Pauline’s donation boxes. The … Continue reading Not quite time for goodbyes yet!