Video Summary

Here is a video summary of my trip. It’s super long, but how on Earth do you summarize six and a half weeks shortly? I mean I had over 30 minutes of just raw Bongo footage. I hope you can spare 15 minutes out of your day to see East London, South Africa through my eyes! And share with everyone you know. The world needs to know these kids exist!

Back by popular demand, the fundraiser is live again! This time we are focusing on getting the funds to send Emanuel to school in January. Emanuel is my singing partner in the video, and the boy in the picture in the heading of this post.

link to donate in $

Det går också bra att swisha pengar till 070 7152356

School in South Africa is expensive! It costs approximately 10,000 rand a year to send one child to a school outside of the township. This covers all school fees, transportation costs, school uniforms and shoes and books and materials costs.

10,000rand is about $1000 or 7000kr.

Emanuel loves to learn. He especially loves reading and math. Everyone weekend he wanted to read books with me and practice with addition and subtraction flashcards. This year he is in third grade. He’ll be starting fourth grade in January, when the new school year begins and he does not have a sponsor yet for next year. The only reason why he is in school is through donor sponsorship, so please consider donating. If everyone donated just a few dollars we’ll be able to send Emanuel to school next year! Thanks for your continued support!

3 thoughts on “Video Summary

  1. Sorry I didn’t open my mobil so I could show it at the Crayfish-party….
    I work in school next Tuesday and Thursday maybe I can show it there!
    Lovely movie💕

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