Things are really starting to happen. 

Today was our last official day at the creche with the school kids since we’re taking them on a field trip tomorrow. I’ll be back over the weekend with the orphans but today was Pauline’s last day in the township.  The materials we ordered yesterday to fix and complete the new building arrived today. 😁              And construction resumed.         Some of the … Continue reading Things are really starting to happen. 

Pauline’s Last Day with the Orphans

Pauline leaves on Thursday so today was her last day with the orphans since we only see them on the weekeds now that school is back in session.  When we arrived the kids were watching a movie about ninjas and didn’t want to come outside to play with us!    So we went over to the playground anyway where many of the neighborhood kids were … Continue reading Pauline’s Last Day with the Orphans

A Sunny Day in the Township

We arrived today and saw that the playground was finished. Well, the one piece was finished and the kids were so excited to play on it. Especially the slide. Bamboo floor Mesh roof Nicholas on the slide                             Akhona really wanted to go on the slide too so Alicia and I helped her up.      Even I wanted in … Continue reading A Sunny Day in the Township

A busy day at the creche…

First day back from vacation and lots of things happened today. When we arrived we saw that the cabinet we bought was being put to good use in the big building.    The big kids were actually having morning lessons: coloring number sheets.       Meanwhile, They were also working on putting up the playground on the site of the old building!         Then … Continue reading A busy day at the creche…

Vacation from Vacation

Pauline and I decided to take a mini luxury vacation on our days off this week because volunteering is hard work and this is afterall our summer vacation. Plus, we’re worth it and luxury in Africa is much more affordable than at home. So on Monday evening we checked ourselves into the Prana Lodge in Chintsa, approximately a half an hours drive north up the … Continue reading Vacation from Vacation